CRUSH IT As An F&I Professional In Your Dealership, Increase Your Profits, And Get Excited About Your Future!
The Ascent Dealer Services Academy is an exclusive membership community of experts, mentors and like-minded F&I Professionals that will support you on your journey of becoming an F&I Rockstar with ease.
Adam Marburger, "The F&I Guy"
President/CEO of Ascent Dealer Services
"I was put on earth to coach, it’s what I love more than anything. The ability to take an F&I manager and turn them into a F&I professional, is very rewarding."


You Would Be An F&I Hero! And We Want To Help You Get There!

You Will Be Forged Into An F&I Hero With
The Ascent Dealer Services F&I Academy
This academy was built for F&I professionals at any stage of their career, from beginner to the expert. In this exclusive community, you will learn relevant strategies and receive continuous coaching and mentoring so that you can keep moving forward in your dealership and in your life. Please watch this video and read the rest of this letter to learn how we can serve you in your F&I career.

Here's What People Are Saying

"This company is extremely professional and OVER delivers. If you want to grow your business, they can help. I HIGHLY recommend Ascent Dealer Services."
- Anne Lovelace
"There is no question that they helped me get another level as a finance manager and all around car guy."

- Ryan Beile
"I’ve personally seen my numbers increase just buy making changes to my process and holding myself to a higher standard of excellence."

- Bj Bruner

What Makes The Academy So Special?

This isn't a "watch the videos and then leave a comment" kinda program.
This is a rigorous program, with a hands-on, supportive community that will give you the knowledge and provide you with the connections you've been craving for.
Take part in a live coaching call each week to learn new secrets, ask questions, and grow as an F&I professional.
We will give you absolutely 100% of the resources you could possibly need to increase your profit per transaction in your dealership.
The opportunity to network with a supportive community of like-minded F&I Professional in all sorts of different markets in our private  Academy group.
There's something powerful about getting your team away from the store and growing together. When you come back, you will not believe the effect it will have.
We've been in F&I for a long time. We understand the game. We want to help you get to that level as well.
We're constantly watching trends and learning what the customer wants, so that we can share those with you.

The Black Belt Road To Sale

Short, actionable lessons because I know you are busy as an F&I professional (average lesson is about 5 minutes long). Tactical strategies that you can learn and apply instantly.

Lesson 1

Early F&I Introduction

What you should NEVER do when a customer walks into your store and what to do instead.

This lesson will set the foundation for the rest of the buying process with your customer.

Lesson 2

Consultant-Manager Conversation

Here we'll move into the interaction between you as the F&I professional and the sales manager in your dealership.

It's critical that you're both operating on the same level to maximize the experience for the customer.

Lesson 3

Deal Audit

This lesson is all about making sure your deal is "tight and right" so the back office doesn't immediately kick it back to finance.

Lesson 4

Needs Analysis

How to put yourself in a position of service to your customer.

When your customer knows you're there to truly serve them, their trust with you goes through the roof.

Lesson 5

Structure Your Deal

Knowing how to structure your deal is one of the most critical aspects of being an F&I professional.

It is here where you can increase profitability and enhance the customer's buying experience.

Lesson 6

Factory Warranty Presentation

What are the important pieces of information that we need to lay out for the customer? What's left on the warranty? How long is the warranty?

Lesson 7

Menu Presentation

Before we close, we have to present our menu to the customer. How do you set up your menu so that it's not threatening to your customer?

Before me move on to the close, you'll learn how to present your menu the correct way.

Lesson 8

Close and Disclose

One of the most important lessons as an F&I professional. We need to make sure the customer understands everything they are receiving.

Without the close, you don't have a dealership, which is why you need to master this step.

Lesson 9

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Imagine how great it would be if customers came back and bought from you over and over again. Imagine if your customers told their friends about the great experience they had with you.

Here, you'll learn how to not only create a customer today, but how to create a customer for tomorrow.

The Investment

The Monthly Membership Fee

Join the Ascent Dealer Services Academy for $297 per month
(instead of the regular $497 per month)

**Call us at (618) 979-9483 for Dealer Pricing

  • Cancel at ANY time with no cancellation fees.
  • Immediate access to the F&I Black Belt Road to Sale Vault.
  • Invitation to join the F&I Professional Private Facebook Community.
  • ​Price will never increase.
  • ​Access to new vault content as it's released.
  • ​Weekly group coaching calls with F&I experts.
  • ​Monthly goal setting and accountability.
  • ​Cutting edge strategies to help you stay ahead of the curve.
  • ​Discounts on F&I offsite workshops and live events.

Or Choose The Annual Option

Commit to the next 12 months in advance
for just $2,887 and save 15%.

  • You'll have the same access to everything under the monthly option!
  • ​You'll also receive a free 30-minute 1-on-1 coaching call with Adam or Paul because you're committed to your development as an F&I professional. (A $300 Value!) 
A Letter From Adam Marburger

President and CEO, Ascent Dealer Services

I want to personally thank you for making the decision to grow as an F&I professional. The automotive business has blessed me in abundance and now I am on a bold mission to help F&I professionals level up all over the country. 

We play the most important role within the sales department and I feel that we don't always get the credit that we deserve. The deal is not a deal, until the F&I professional makes it a deal. DO NOT forget that you are the strongest closer in the dealership. I am proud of you and you should also be proud of yourself. Our business continues to change and evolve and it's critical to pay very close attention to that. 

My promise to you is that I will share best practices that are relevant to the market today. I will go above and beyond to help you grow into the absolute best possible version of yourself. I greatly look forward to growing together as a team. This is what I know to be true, that we are MUCH better together. The Ascent Dealer Services Academy is designed to bring like minded professionals together looking to their lives to the next level. I hope to see you all very soon.

Adam Marburger

President and CEO, Ascent Dealer Services

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm giving you the opportunity to join an EXCLUSIVE ACADEMY of F&I professionals that are committed to growing personally and professionally. In this academy, you'll be mentored by the top F&I coaches in the US, you'll learn relevant strategies, and you'll network with amazing F&I professionals.

Commit to growing personally and professionally. Do it for your customers. Do it for your family. And most importantly, do it for YOU!

So, click the button below to join the academy and start working at becoming a BLACK BELT in F&I! I look forward to working with you inside!
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