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We are a one-stop dealer growth solution.

We are retail experts that provide dealers with best-in-class F&I products. What we are known for is building wealth for our dealer partners in the most tax friendly environments. We do this by instilling our defined processes with layers of accountability. We then coach and mentor every key player in the organization at the highest level.

Our partners

My commitment to every dealer in our industry is to continue to innovate and stay ahead of trends. We will continue to bring professional coaching and mentorship to all of our dealer partners. We will continue to employ retail experts with proven track records to our coaching roster. We will continue to provide dealers with best-in-class F&I products. We will continue to attach the appropriate profit participation program to those F&I products and then coach your team to maximize EVERY transaction. We will continue to increase numbers in every aspect of your F&I department.

Our company was built on the foundation of servant leadership. We will continue to serve our dealers, F&I managers, employees and our communities. We are on a bold mission to help as many dealers maximize their F&I departments as possible. I am proud to say that we are the fastest growing F&I provider in the industry. The reason for our success lies in the fact that our agency consists of retail experts that provide dealers with the best products in the industry. If you are looking to take your F&I department to the next level, I want to meet you personally.

Adam Marburger



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