Adam Marburger

President & CEO

Adam Marburger is a serial entrepreneur that lives his life in the following buckets; automotive, real estate, insurance, and martial arts. He is the President and CEO of Ascent Dealer Services, an insurance agency specializing in building wealth for automotive, RV, and power-sports dealers across the country. His tremendous track record in retail automotive landed him the title of “Automotive News 40 under 40” in 2018, which launched him as one of the most sought-after coaches in the industry.

Adam plays the role of President/CEO of the Marburger Investment Group and A2 Investments. These companies focus on residential and commercial real estate. His passion for real estate started in his early 20s when he met his mentor, who paved the way. Today Adam is still acquiring new properties and adding them to his portfolio. Adam also owns Marburger Coaching & Developing. This company specializes in professional coaching and mentoring. Adam is on a bold mission to help as many people as possible, and level up in their vocations and personal lives.

Adam's martial arts company is very close to his heart. He owns and operates Alton Family Martial Arts & Fitness, located in Alton, IL. Adam is a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and holds National Champion and six-time World Medalist titles. Adam is undefeated in boxing, kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. Today he is sharing his love for martial arts with his community.

Adam recently has been awarded the title of best-selling author and is now being asked to keynote events all over the world. Adam’s love for writing and speaking has given him the ability to connect with people all over the world.

Adam has three little “WHYS” named Ahnalee, Arabelle, and Astyn, who he coaches daily to become the best possible versions of themselves. He loves being a father, and that is what motivates him daily. When Adam is not working or spending time with his girls, you will find him traveling, which is his favorite hobby outside of Jiu-Jitsu.

Paul Brown

Vice President
Head of Training & Development

Paul Brown, the Vice President of Ascent Dealer Services, is an Air Force Veteran, who began his career as a Chicago police officer, working in narcotics and tactical response units. After the police force, Paul joined the automotive industry as a salesperson at one of the largest auto dealers in the Chicago area. 

Over the course of two decades, Paul has dedicated his career to changing the way dealerships conduct F&I. He served as a Finance Director at one of the largest dealer groups in the St. Louis area, where he helped grow their F&I PVR by over $400. 

He was then the General Manager for two dealer groups in St. Louis with a focus in F&I. In 5 years, he grew their vehicle sales by 40% and with his newfound F&I techniques, raised finance PVR by nearly $800. 

Adam and Paul have rapidly become one of the most sought-after agencies in the automotive space. They employ a unique and highly effective approach to helping dealers build long term wealth through intense sales and F&I coaching. 

Chad White

Executive Vice President

Chad started in 1993 in the Automotive Industry, working from Sales to GM in retail automotive dealerships, and brings almost 30 years of retail knowledge. As a national trainer, Chad gained experience in Recruiting, Hiring, and Leading sales and finance Professionals.

Later, Chad spent five years with CMSI's “credit connection,” starting as a regional sales director and working as the National Director of Dealer Development. Chad worked with dealers all over the country helping them streamline the automotive sales and finance process. He then worked for the Van Tuyl Group (Berkshire Hathaway), holding the position of Regional Finance Director, where he traveled and worked with their dealerships while also helping teach the finance schools each month.

In 2008 he founded Automotive Training Concepts and became the state-approved Training Academy for the Missouri Auto Dealers Association. Chad currently operates three companies, with two being automotive-related. He writes articles in a nationally published auto magazine and writes the training material in Sales, Finance, Leadership, and Service for workshops and online courses with over 1200 videos. Chad truly enjoys what he does, “working with my automotive partners.” He has been able to take years of knowledge and apply it daily, helping his partners increase their bottom line while being compliant and finding quality people when needed. “My game is the Retail Automotive Business, and I am a student of this Game!”

Chad is John Maxwell Team certified Coach-Speaker-Trainer, DISC certified facilitator, Motivators certified facilitator, Automotive Compliance Education certified compliance officer, and AFIP Former Proctor.

Sylvia Lyons

Director of Operations

Sylvia Lyons has spent the last decade working with massive companies as an account executive. She always has her finger on the pulse and willing to serve our dealer partners at the highest level. She is a proud mother of her amazing daughter, Averi. When she is not in the office working, you can find her on the volleyball court smashing her competition. Sylvia is the glue that holds ascent dealer services together! 

Cindy Zieba

Account Executive

She is a passionate professional whose specialty is growth in profit centers with nearly a decade of experience helping automotive dealers maximize F&I profits. Cindy is a student of the trade with continued study in building curriculums and training, brings enthusiasm and knowledge to the utilization of new technologies in process management. Cindy is bilingual, enjoys traveling, parenting her two dogs (Revis and Lincoln) and loves rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Matt Gruenke

Account Executive

Matt has a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, where he played four years for the Warhawks football team. 

He has over a decade of experience in the automotive and power sports industry. Matt is our in-house partner involving smart payment plan with our dealer network. He specializes in training and management along with new business development. 

Matt is married with two kids, Aspen and Axel. In his spare time, he enjoys RV trips, snowmobiling and Packer games with his family. 

Vitaly Kheifets

Account Executive

Vitaly began his career in the automotive industry almost two decades ago at a high-volume Honda dealership. After moving into the luxury market at an Infiniti dealer, he was promoted to Finance Manager. During his F&I career, he had the opportunity to be trained by several large and well-known training agencies. This led him to the realization that a cookie cutter approach does not make real impacts on production. Through this experience, he learned that the key to real results is tailoring the dealer’s practices to the customer base and staff. One of Vitaly’s most notable achievements in his career was raising PVRs from $600-$1,100 per copy. 

Through his custom-tailored approach, he rose his stores to their record breaking profitably. When not at work, Vitaly is spending time with his amazing wife of 11+ years and his two incredible children. Contact Vitaly with any finance and automotive questions. He would love to put together a finance plan to help maximize your profits while keeping your clients happy! 

Fred & Lou

Account Executives

This Latin Asian Fusion of solution brewin’ Fun Flooders, is unique all itsself. Compared to the feelings of a euphoric energizing coffee experience, Lou Ramirez and Fred Lennartz bring caffeinated culture to an industry needing a jump box jolt of positive power! Both armed force veterans on a mission to serve the automotive industry the values needed to see professionals rise to unknown heights of standard excellence. 

These career long best friends are bringing contagious confidence to everyone willing to take a sip. With 5 children between them, Fred with 1, Lou with 4, and nearly combine 4 decades of marriage. 

These Solutionary seeking leaders aim to influence businesses, communities, and relationships in ways that bring positive legacy filled fruit. Both seasoned sales & finance strategists that have upshifted, and uplifted the auto industry with their passion to promote positivity. Direct culture creation in dealerships coast to coast, has these two Car Guys, raising up heroes in the industry through multiple flavors of media with their High energy show Car Guy Coffee Podcast. Coupled with their Certified Solutionaries Agency, these guys are here to bring a wake up to the pros, with a consistent dance that’ll keep you smiling! Get You Some, Let’s Brew! 

Bill Van Oyen

Account Executive

Bill is extremely excited to partner with Adam Marburger and the entire Ascent Dealer Services team.

He has been in the retail automotive industry for 33 years, with the last 30 years in  a Finance Manager role. In that role, he has received numerous awards, as well as improving each dealership's profitability.

Bill has a true passion for finance, having coached and mentored many aspiring F&I managers. He has been married to his beautiful wife, Lynn, and together have raised 4 outstanding children.

William Ramsey

Account Executive

Will started his career in Newport News, Virginia, 26 years ago and has come up through the ranks in franchised automotive. With almost 27 years in automotive retail and RV and 15 years in the business office, in my experience, I've learned that getting to know your customers and giving them a tailored F&I experience is the way to go. I've worked in almost every aspect of the automotive space, and transparency and ethical business practices with a human touch will take you farther and will retain customers, and that is what builds a dealership: customer retention. I have been married for almost 17 years to my wife, Julie, who is also in the automotive industry and has over 30 years of administrative experience. Together, with God as the focus of our relationship, we have come to the great state of Texas to start a church, which is our calling, and along the way we get the privilege to help as many dealers as we can grow their businesses. We have raised three children together: Brock, Myahrissa, and Madison. Will enjoys golfing and is a huge Bengals fan.

Billy Gorth

Account Executive

I was in the automotive business going on 29 years. I started as a salesperson and moved through the ranks to make Gm and partner. I have always enjoyed teaching and coaching and trying to help someone reach their full potential and now I feel that I have found my place to do just that.

I’ve been married for 25 years. We have 3 girls. My oldest Rachel graduated from Eastern Ky University with a degree in graphic design. She has also received her Master of Science in criminal justice from the University of Louisville. She currently works as the lead graphic designer for Eastern Kentucky University while interning as a Private Investigator. My middle Emma will be graduating from University of Kentucky in May with a degree in Elementary Education. and my youngest Erin, has finished high school and is trying to figure out what she wants to do next.

My hobbies are playing golf and watching sports of all sorts and spending time with my wife Sara.

Chuck Hobbs

F&I Trainer/Coach

Chuck has 37 years of experience within the automotive industry and 29 of those years have been in F&I/Sales Training. 15 of those years have consisted of being an independent agent and F&I trainer, 9 years as a Finance Manager, 7.5 years as Assistant Vice President while moving up within those years as Vice President of Sales with AGWS where he was also a national F&I trainer. He had 5 years as a General Sales Manager and minority partner in the Toyota dealership. Chuck is currently a trainer/coach with Ascent Dealer Services.



Megan Fairless

Director of Marketing

Megan started in the video industry in 2011 with wedding videography. Since then, she has expanded to doing more videos for the local community and traveling the country to film.

Her motto is community over competition. Working with others always creates a better environment for everyone. She has a team and a list of local creatives to help make your vision come to life.

In her spare time, she enjoys live music and adventures around our region with her husband. Her favorite things is, of course, the drive-in on Route 66.

Meghan Cunningham

Lead Graphic Designer

Meghan has worked in the design/marketing and print industry since graduating in 2014. She graduated from Webster University with a Bachelors in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing & Advertising Communications. Meghan has a wide range of talent. Her knowledge in the print industry helps provide her clients with exactly what they need to look professional.

When Meghan is not working, she loves to travel and venture to new places and visit local businesses. She enjoys working out at her local gym, hiking and walking her two Great Danes.